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Environmental and General Benefits of Rubber Flooring

There are many flooring options to choose these days, but how exactly do you choose? You never expect something to be exactly what you’re looking for, but what if you found something that had a bounty of benefits compared to the rest? I’m pretty sure I’d choose that one! Outdoor rubber flooring has just that, a ton of benefits!

Let elaborate a bit, shall we? Outdoor rubber flooring is:
• Environmentally Conscious
• Shock Absorbent/ Skid Free
• Easy to Clean
• Weather Tough
• Easy Installation
Sounds pretty good so far, right?

Environmentally Conscious

Outdoor rubber flooring is made by one hundred percent recycled car tires and retreads for trucks! You cannot get better than one hundred percent, which is what our environment needs! Outdoor rubber flooring produces the least amount of impact on the environment during production. What do I mean by this? It takes less energy to recycle and reuse these products than it would to my synthetic ones. It’s a double bonus, we aren’t polluting our air as much as we would by using another product, and we are recycling and taking out burning more of our resources out of the equation!

Shock Absorbent/ Skid Free

Got young ones riding around the house on their skateboards and balance bikes? Outdoor rubber flooring is shock absorbent; making those accidental falls or trips less painful. Not only is the flooring shock absorbent, there is also some skid free types. This is great for the kids, grandma, and possibly you (depending on how coordinated you are!).

Easy to Clean

No one wants to spend their whole day cleaning, especially when you could be outside relaxing on your patio. By using outdoor rubber flooring on your patio, you can cut down cleaning time! This flooring is quite easy to maintain. You simply sweep the area and damply mop up any spots that need extra attention!

Weather Tough

Some outdoor flooring doesn’t last through tough weather and extensive use. But, outdoor rubber flooring is made strong. Think about it, it’s made out of recycled tires and those are tough to begin with! Outdoor rubber flooring is strong enough that it is installed around pools regularly! It has also been used in and outside of gyms, combining the benefits of easy maintenance, reliability, and shock absorbency. Fluctuating weather temperatures are not a bother to outdoor rubber flooring, it can withstand these conditions while being anti static and low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds: which are sometimes toxic)

Easy Installation

Outdoor rubber flooring comes in a few different forms. You can purchase rolls or tiles (some are interlocking), whichever suits you best. These different forms need to be installed over a hard surface, such as concrete. But, as the types describe, you will have to simply unroll them, or lay down the tiles together. The interlocking tiles are like setting up a puzzle, where all of the pieces match. Interlocking them together holds them in place. All of these are replaceable if they wear out, but most last a long period of time which makes them cost efficient.

Outdoor rubber flooring is not right for everyone, but it is a great solution for many different types and locations of areas. From the pool to simply a small back yard patio, outdoor rubber flooring can provide an easy to clean floor with plenty of skid free enjoyment.