Health Cycle Your Way to Health

Travelling is a wonderful and enriching experience. It is a perfect catalyst for happiness. It helps build self confidence, provides new experiences & memories, breaks monotonous routines and helps meet people from all over the world. It expands mind and spirit and is educative. One enjoys the joy of discovering new cultures and embracing the history of the place. Apart from making one happier in the short term, it can bring more contention, happiness and relaxation in the long run too.


The awe inspiring hilly regions provide a tranquil environment.  Planning a hilly retreat amidst the picturesque surroundings is the best way to unwind and escape the hectic city life. The fresh air, the joy sunlight brings, the silence and stillness in everything help us relax ourselves completely.

A trip to the hills clubbed with physical exercises like Cycling is great for the mind and body. Cycling on the hills can be an intimidating task, but it helps gain more muscle, improves endurance and aerobic capacity. The body begins to reciprocate the increasing limitations. Each hill one climbs while Cycling becomes easier. The circulatory system increases its capabilities . The heart becomes more strong and speeds up as needed to get the blood through the system as fast as it can.Riding the steep hills is effective weight training for the legs also because of the huge resistance one is working against.

Embracing hill training really benefits health. A hilly terrain is laced with uphill and downhill slopes. Uphill Cycling can be challenging. It is the combined effort of stamina and the extent to which you can push your body to not give up.The joy of climbing up the entire range of slopes is unmatched.A downhill slope always brings respite but one has to keep the speed within limits to avoid going off track.

The prerequisites for Cycling in the hills are that the bike should be in good condition. If you’re starting at the top of the hill you’ll have to take the bike with you. If you have a car you can use any of several different types of bike racks. A good road bike for uphill Cycling is low weight, with the proper gearing ratios for tackling mountains and steep grades. For downhill or descent, good brakes are mandatory. A wide range of gears allows for appropriate gear selection over a diverse terrain.

So backpack your things for a mountain getaway and enjoy a sojourn of health and adventure which will also be a life enriching experience.