Save Energy By Using A Ground Water Heat Pump

groundwater heat pumpWhy do so many pool owners make the decision to invest in a ground water heat pump? What is so much better about a ground water heat pump when compared to other types of heat pumps? Ground water heat pumps supply their owners with tremendous energy savings and therefore reduce the cost of every pool owner’s electrical bill. What’s more, for those consumers that are seriously concerned for the environment, ground water heat pumps are the perfect way to “go green” and sustainable.

Ground water heat pumps are, in part, beneath the ground. These types of pumps are connected to either a close ground loop or an open ground loop. Water flows through the ground loops which are installed approximately six feet in the ground to keep the pipes protected from frost at all times. Buried deep within the earth, the ground loop pipes are placed in a region of the earth where heat from sunlight absorbs and accumulates. As water passes through the installed ground loops, the water is heated naturally before reaching the ground water heat pumps that the ground loops are attached too.

Once the waters reach the pump, they are further heated by the pump. The pump is manufactured with a fan that brings in air from the external environment. The air is then compressed with Freon gases, which in turn, heats up the waters further. The heated waters are then passed through an integrated heat exchanger and then put into the pool. Automated sensors detect set temperatures and when a selected temperature is achieved, the ground pump will then turn off by itself until sensors detect a decline in the water’s temperature. The pumps will then automatically begin to operate to heat up cooling pool waters once more.

Ground water heat pumps can be a bit more in terms of initial investment than other types of pool pumps. Many pool owners are satisfied with the cost of initial investment because of the super long term savings they derive. Further, many pool owners are willing to pay a bit more for durable ground water heat pumps because the run quietly or near silently, ensuring that the outdoor environment remains undisturbed. What’s more, the pool owner is guaranteed to be satisfied with their electric bill because such pumps operate so efficiently. At most, ground water heat pumps cost no more than $450.00 to $500.00 yearly to operate.

Many manufacturers specialize in the creation of quality, durable ground water heat pumps. These pumps come with great features including digital controls, water sensors, and internal parts are under guarantee for a number of years. Any consumers interested in getting one of many ground water heat pumps from an array of manufacturers have myriad considerations to undertake including the size of one’s pool, the cost of installation, the location of installation, and the installation of the necessary ground loop. Technicians certified in ground pump installation can install ground heat pumps with ease and ensure that cable, wiring, and water sources are accurately connected and safe.

You can also use your pump for your backyard greenhouse.