Sustainable Energy in Our Daily Lives

From the days when archaeologists went into deep caves carrying lanterns like these to the present day when archaeologists use machines and laser range finders and other optical devices like these to dwell deep into the workings of the beautiful Earth, fossils have always fascinated one and all. I have always been in a lover of the planet and the food it provides for us to live on. I often find myself researching the web on the best way to do my bit to save the planet. In my research, I come across simple ways to create a greener environment around us, so that we can enjoy the blessings of nature in the form of food in a much better way. Here’s a bit about how natural energy systems can help create a better tomorrow.

Fossil fuels have made it possible for a plenty of industries and machines to reach the desired goals in a very short span of time. However these fossil fuels have caused the overall temperature of the Earth to increase at a fast rate and this increase in temperature poses a number of problems for the human race. Fossil fuels when burned emit a number of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. These gases are responsible for holes in the Ozone layer directly over Australia, Parts of Arctic circle and Africa. Scientists have been working to find better and friendly sources of energy and fortunately they have succeeded in their quest to find better sources of energy and make machines, appliances and vehicles that can run on renewable sources of energy.

Hybrid Renewable Energy System

Hybrid renewable energy system refers to those systems that make use of two or more renewable sources of energy to function efficiently and at lower costs. Certain newly developed systems make use of the wind energy and the kinetic energy of flowing water to generate electricity. Similarly entities like biomass-wind-fuel cell make use of biomass and the wind energy to function. Increased outputs at lower costs form the major attraction for these devices and systems. The most advantageous feature of these hybrid renewable energy systems is that they do not pollute the air around them and there is no emission of greenhouse gases or particulates from these systems. This very fact widens the scope of these devices and this is also the reason why more and more people are switching to hybrid machines that make use of natural and renewable sources of energies.

Renewable Energy

Saving Fossils

233060_23268_XLDepletion of non-renewable sources has been continuing at a hefty rate all over the world. While it is true that coals and petrochemicals when burned release heat trapping gases in the atmosphere, it is also true that these sources of energy need to be saved and preserved for future use in cases of emergencies. Everything from large projects like wind turbine development to micro projects like portable solar panels which aid workers and military personnel can carry in their duffle bags will help small villages to a large extent without wasting fossil fuels. Hybrid renewable energy system projects are being implemented all over the world in the present era. From developing countries to the developed countries in the world, every country is looking to save energy and prevent the escape of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Nullifying the Effects of Global Warming

There are certain parts of the world where the temperatures have gone up at staggering rates. These parts have been exposed to direct rays of the sun because of holes in the ozone layer and these holes have been formed by the reaction of ozone with gases like methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor. In order to stop the ozone layer from rupturing any further, it is important to reduce the use of fuels that pollute the air. Hybrid renewable energy systems are effective and efficient systems that provide the desired results without polluting the air, hence combating the effects of global warming to large extents.

Let us together create a greener today and a healthier tomorrow.